Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i have lost everyone's email

yes. yes. after losing a hard drive i no longer have anyone's email addresses. this means if you don't send me your email address you won't get any more enthusiastic reminders and i will loose my sense of purpose and then doom. so if you want to be on the rocketcar day list to receive updates on where, when, who and yee hah email me.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Sunday Feb 12th 2006 prepare yourselves for the sixty installment of the most evil race on the planet. If you're not already email hello@rocketcarday.com to get on the mailing list so you don't miss a thing in the exciting wind up to a race that promises to deliver the thrills by the satanload.

So tell your friends, to signup, tell your brain to start concocting an genius evil plan, tell your mother you love her and prepare to beciome part of ROCKETCAR DAY SIX SIX SIX : CARS FROM HELL.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The rocket-powered launcher. Part of the non-racing entries. Thing spins around, as it spins it raises a platform. Eventually platform brings golfball into contact with spinning thing. Propels a golf ball a fair way.

How not so start a race. This cucumber-based car was a bit light with no traction at the front. You can also see that the engine might have been pointed down a bit.

Speaking of crashes

Two cars having a starting line brawl. It's interesting to note the difference in how far forward the cars are even at this early stage.
A great innovation this year was the multi-car launch. It multiplies the excitement of any launch plus provides the added benefit of the potential of crashes.


These are the results for the first run races. We've mixed together tested and untested cars here but by the looks of it bannana car seemed to have won the untested category. Top marks to Cyclops and Greased Lightning for ruling so hard. The clustering on the left reflects a bit of a headwind and a possible lean on the track. Also a shoutout to "hottie" who didn't move at all. See you all for rocketcar day six.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

announcing the race. what a great track to be reflected in glasses.

inserting the igniter into the cinderella hotrod

the winning car launching. This car has the ingenious addition of remote control steering to keep the highspeed vehicle on-track. So ingenious, remote control is outlawed now.

Gold Finger and proud designer. Combining length AND a drogue.Points for most stable car.

prepareation of the crazy spinning thing

thrustmaster 3000 with onboard camera and parachute equipped driver. this was the winner last year.

mr. natural and owner. mr natural is a bit of bamboo with wheels. it went 83m on its second run

the bear and builders. the bear tended to not go "forward"

proud owner of dildo car. this entry had to be weighted down for it's second run, gave it much more stability

still smoking car.

El. Fetto. A flipper with wheels and a boa. Nice styling.

the plunger in action

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The winner!

Greased Lighting.with remote control steering to cope with veering-off the track issues that many cars suffer.This was a genius innovation, obviously will be outlawed next year. But what a great idea

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

stealth car. During one of it's runs in a mult-car race it'sengine didn't ignite. everyone was like "where's the stealth car?". exactly.

Go dildo car go. Best quote of the day: "imagine trying to explain that to the doctors at emergency"

What a lineup! An excellent array of cars turned up for the day. As usual, ranging from mean-racing machines to the deliciously absurd

Doors Make me Horny. Points awarded for quikest-to-make car. Did not get too far though.

Cinderella's Hotrod. Cinderella barbie even had a sound system. Also scores points as a good food entry.

At the workshop...

and a flower-pot car was born. It didn't go particularly far come race day, but was by far the most charming.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Send me photos.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Please email photos to me so i can add them to the galleries here. Why not send them now? hello@rocketcarday.com also if you took any footage, please get that to me, i'll put it in the rocketcar day documentary. Hey, why not contact me now? hello@rocketcarday.com

Iron your t-shirts!

If you bought a t-shirt. remember to iron it.apparently the ink is best when you iron it. Turn it inside out and iron the area through the fabric.

Hot waterbottle car "hottie". This did not move at all. Not at all. Nice one doug.

Cars on the track.

The moment of action.

Clapping happy people.

Ready to race.

Flower pot car. Did not get too far but was so beautiful.

Car and owner.

Stadium seating. Multicar racing. Barbeque. HUge Megaphone. Cheering Crowd. Fast Cars. Fantastic.

Saftey Officials review some damage.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pre-Race Notes

T Minus... Etc
Oh baby. The day is close at hand. The weather is sweet. The
We've tested the multicar launcher. It is awe inspiring. There is flashing lights, a siren and a plunger-style switch. Wile E Coyote's gonna spew blood out of his eyes.

Car Design:
We need to protect the track surface which means cars which have engines that are too low or pointing down won’t be able to race this time. So, move your engines up higher, put bigger wheels on your cars. Do whatever you can to get your car race ready. Having tested your car will reassure the safety dudes that your car won’t flip and set fire to the track. Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox.


only use c6 engines. Norell at Frontline Hobby store in Newcastle should be able to hook you up 255 hunter st. They are out of stock at the moment but should be getting some freshies in this arvo. To be safe, maybe buy a pack before you head up. HobbyCo in the city has “heaps”.

Where is it?
It is on smith street, Newcastle west. Oopposite no.2 sports ground.

call me if you need instructions, i won't be able to give you directions because i will be lost too, but someone near me might be able to help. 0425 222 598. I am Mark.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Engine Attatching tip # 183 Cigar Tubes

A great way to attatch your rocket engine to your chassis is in a cigar tube. From memory a Romeo + Julieta no. 3 works best. Not only is this a great cigar and you'll love smokig it slow at the race, but you can screw the tube onto a chassis and it's safe as houses and reuseable. Delicious and efficient.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Call For Entries

Rocketcar Day Five. This year’s rocketcar day will be held in Newcastle as a part of the 2005 Electrofringe festival. It promises not only to have the best track yet but also the greatest turn out of all time.Imagine screaming fans in a grandstand overlooking a 10 lane athletics track! Remote-control cameras! Simultaneous car launches! The sizzle of food and some stiff competition from old-timers and a hoard of new-comers.

call for entries

If you want to race this year, you should start thinking about your car soon. While we’ll have a workshop the day before the race, this will mainly be to make enhance designs and make sure cars adhere to the totally relaxed racing rules.What are the rules?

- You have to make your own car (attaching a rocket to an existing model car is frowned upon)
- The cars are powered only by C size engines (these are about the size of your thumb)
- There will be the following events:
- Distance race (individually launched)
- Top 10 showdown (10 cars race at once)
- Judging will be based on distance and style points (the stupider the car the better)
- Cars that are too light won’t be allowed to race, because they’ve been shown to tend to fly into people’s heads.There are more rules beloW


There is a car workshop on saturday in the “project space” from 11am to 1pm. Bring your cars and we’ll prepare ourselves for the impending race.The race is on Sunday, is at the athletics track and runs from 11am - 3pm.

The races will probably start around 12pm.What you need to do

- contact me if you are interested hello@rocketcarday.com
- read the rules at the bottom of the website
- if you can, test your car
- bring your car to Newcastle and race it!

- you can call me too, if you're freaking out about something 0425 222 598

The Dates, The Dates

Saturday 1st of October
11am to 1pm
Rocketcar Afficiandos will be hanging around the Project Space in Newcastle tweaking peoples cars so they can enter the race on sunday. I don't know where the project space is, but Newcastle isn't that big. I think.

Sunday 2nd of October
11 am to 3 pm
At the Athletics track. Races will start around 1pm. Noodling around before hand with beer and food.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Rocketcar Building Primer

Basically get something, stick wheels on it, attatch a rocket engine to it.

We've had cars made out of a plastic schooner glass, a frozen chicken, an Erkyl, a bit of bamboo and a dust-pan. The best entries are crazy but fast.

The finesse comes with the theme and how fast and far it goes.

The main problems you'll have is keeping it straight when the rocket engine ignites. Here's some basics:

- longer wheelbase makes it harder for cars to spin
- position of engine at back
- oil your wheels
- line up the engine with the wheels
- If the car is too heavey it will not go very far
- if the car is too light it will go far, but you won't know where
- a little drogue goes a long way
- having a little toy man as a driver seems to help

Again, testing your car is the best way to hold your head up high on the track. Also, check out photos oh previous years.
If you have any questions, email me.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Great venue confirmed

Thanks to the raw organisational power of electofringe, we're racing on a 10 lane athletics track, overlooked by a stadium. Nice smooth track, great viewing area.. best location yet.

The Rules Yeah

What are the rules?
The first rule of rocketcar day is "there are some rules"
- You have to make your own car (attaching a rocket to an existing model car is frowned upon)
- The cars are powered only by C size engines (these are about the size of your thumb)
- They have to be safe(ish) to race. A good way to find out if your car is safe, is to test it. you learn alot when there's a rocketcar bearing down on you.

There will be the following events:
  • Distance race (individually launched)
  • Top 10 showdown (10 cars race at once)
  • Judging will be based on distance and style points (the stupider the car the better)
  • Cars that are too light won’t be allowed to race, because they’ve been shown to tend to fly into people’s heads.

Rules and Guidelines

testing: You can learn alot about how good your theories regarding rocketcar design are from watching your creation pickup and fly out of contol towards someone. if you can : test your car. That said, there are 2 race categories. one for tested cars and one for first run cars.

General: while you can make anykind of car, sticking wheels onto a rocket will incurr some sort of shame demerit.
similarly, sticking a rocket onto a car is equally subject to frowning.

Materials: Whatever, In the interest of safety please ensure that metal components are kept to a minimum and as safe as possible.

Weight: avoid vey light cars. they are pronbe to spin around and shoot into the spectators and innocent bystanders.

Body shapes: Up to you but not just a single body tube. The event demands something interesting to look at and shapes aimed at aerodynamics solely will be frowned upon and may not be laughed at and drowned. Formula One style, saloon car, land speed record types, all types welcome. Plus anything new you can come up with. You have to make your own chassis (lego is totally acceptable, but glue it as well)

Motor types: C size rockets only in the race. Whatever the delay you like. C6 rockets seem to be cool. Only one motor to be used. No clustering or staging. You can buy them from hobby shops if you look trust worthy (swarthy types, trim beards first).

Wheels: Three at least but more are permissible and all must be in contact with the ground on the start line and every effort must be made to keep all on the ground during the run. A car, which is bouncing and/or whose wheels are leaving contact with the track too much, at the judges discretion, will be banned. The wheels can be inside or outside of the car body. The car must end up on all 4 wheels.

rocketcar day merch

It is a simple fact that the best thing about anything, is the t-shirts. Imagine how proud your anscestors would be if they found a photo of you in a RCD5 shirt while sifting through your "do not open until 2020" capsule. They would be very proud.
Here is last years t-shirt. And we had great "i heart doom" caps

T-shirts are 25 bucks, caps 20. You can get a deal if you buy caps and a t-shirts (both for 40). Plus you might be able to get some collectors edition stuff from previous years. email me

Rocketcar day archives

Check out some previous Rocketcar day pages. Lots of reliving of peril and doom moments, through the magic of photography.