Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Call For Entries

Rocketcar Day Five. This year’s rocketcar day will be held in Newcastle as a part of the 2005 Electrofringe festival. It promises not only to have the best track yet but also the greatest turn out of all time.Imagine screaming fans in a grandstand overlooking a 10 lane athletics track! Remote-control cameras! Simultaneous car launches! The sizzle of food and some stiff competition from old-timers and a hoard of new-comers.

call for entries

If you want to race this year, you should start thinking about your car soon. While we’ll have a workshop the day before the race, this will mainly be to make enhance designs and make sure cars adhere to the totally relaxed racing rules.What are the rules?

- You have to make your own car (attaching a rocket to an existing model car is frowned upon)
- The cars are powered only by C size engines (these are about the size of your thumb)
- There will be the following events:
- Distance race (individually launched)
- Top 10 showdown (10 cars race at once)
- Judging will be based on distance and style points (the stupider the car the better)
- Cars that are too light won’t be allowed to race, because they’ve been shown to tend to fly into people’s heads.There are more rules beloW


There is a car workshop on saturday in the “project space” from 11am to 1pm. Bring your cars and we’ll prepare ourselves for the impending race.The race is on Sunday, is at the athletics track and runs from 11am - 3pm.

The races will probably start around 12pm.What you need to do

- contact me if you are interested hello@rocketcarday.com
- read the rules at the bottom of the website
- if you can, test your car
- bring your car to Newcastle and race it!

- you can call me too, if you're freaking out about something 0425 222 598