Monday, September 12, 2005

Rocketcar Building Primer

Basically get something, stick wheels on it, attatch a rocket engine to it.

We've had cars made out of a plastic schooner glass, a frozen chicken, an Erkyl, a bit of bamboo and a dust-pan. The best entries are crazy but fast.

The finesse comes with the theme and how fast and far it goes.

The main problems you'll have is keeping it straight when the rocket engine ignites. Here's some basics:

- longer wheelbase makes it harder for cars to spin
- position of engine at back
- oil your wheels
- line up the engine with the wheels
- If the car is too heavey it will not go very far
- if the car is too light it will go far, but you won't know where
- a little drogue goes a long way
- having a little toy man as a driver seems to help

Again, testing your car is the best way to hold your head up high on the track. Also, check out photos oh previous years.
If you have any questions, email me.