Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pre-Race Notes

T Minus... Etc
Oh baby. The day is close at hand. The weather is sweet. The
We've tested the multicar launcher. It is awe inspiring. There is flashing lights, a siren and a plunger-style switch. Wile E Coyote's gonna spew blood out of his eyes.

Car Design:
We need to protect the track surface which means cars which have engines that are too low or pointing down won’t be able to race this time. So, move your engines up higher, put bigger wheels on your cars. Do whatever you can to get your car race ready. Having tested your car will reassure the safety dudes that your car won’t flip and set fire to the track. Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox.


only use c6 engines. Norell at Frontline Hobby store in Newcastle should be able to hook you up 255 hunter st. They are out of stock at the moment but should be getting some freshies in this arvo. To be safe, maybe buy a pack before you head up. HobbyCo in the city has “heaps”.

Where is it?
It is on smith street, Newcastle west. Oopposite no.2 sports ground.

call me if you need instructions, i won't be able to give you directions because i will be lost too, but someone near me might be able to help. 0425 222 598. I am Mark.